Lyvon is one of the pioneering musical figures in the world of music, both professionally and socially. With almost 20 years of experience behind her, she has composed hymns that have survived throughout the years in the world of music and social rights. Currently, immersed in the composition of a new album.

Juan Lado

Lyvon started in 1999 as a pop rock music band. Several demos were recorded and the first live performances began.

In 2006 Juan Lado Palmier, resident in Aguiño, Ribeira, province of La Coruña (Spain), was accidentally recorded by a local veterinarian named Federico Real, while beating a German Shepherd which was tied to a fence. These images were retransmitted by the Spanish news programs and caused the immediate reaction of international media and the indignation of people who watched it. On September 18, 2006, Lyvon posted a song on her website in which she criticised the shameful action of Juan Lado in an ironic way. Many media echoed the song. On September 23, 2006 , a protest was organized in El Paseo de Coches del Retiro in Madrid (Spain), were Lyvon was going to sing the song but she was forbbiden by the police, causing the wrath of those gathered there, who began to sing the song and Yell to the police. Finally the police allowed Lyvon to come up to scene and sing it.

After this, different pro animal organizations used this song for their protests, contests and other acts. The song was translated into English, Galician and Portuguese. On January 14, 2008, Juan Lado Palmier reported Lyvon for slander, threatening his honor and his public image and he asked for € 6,000 in compensation to his image damage, 20 days of arrest for Lyvon and the erasing of the song from the Internet. Lyvon reacted hanging the complaint on its website, causing again the commotion and anger of the pro-animal associations and other individuals, who downloaded the song and hanged it up again. Dozens of associations, websites, forums, independent music pages and blogs posted the news of the complaint and again the media echoed it. An anonymous user created a web page in solidarity with Lyvon and a petition site titled «Juan Lado Chicken, you will have to prosecute us all» where various users began to sign.

The Court of Instruction No. 1 of Ribeira issued judgment on January 17, 2008, absolving Lyvon from the imputed offense , with all the favorable pronouncements.  Apart from the judicial process, by resolution of February 23, 2005 the General Director of Nature Conservation and Ministry of Environment imposed to Juan Lado an amount of € 6000 of penalty for the death of German Shepherd supporting the resolution in various veterinary reports, which testified that the direct cause of the death was the ill-treatment received, pointing that it «presented clear symptoms of having been repetedly mistreated «.

Llora Britches

On August 15, 2007, Lyvon released a second EP called «Mind The Band, This EP contained a song composed by Lyvon and the Lyric of Spanish poet Ángel.» The song was dedicated to the macaque monkey called Britches (mono), enclosed in a California laboratory from his birth,  with stitched eyes. The reason for this experiment was to know if induced blindness could cause brain damage, Britches was released by the Animal Liberation Front. The song was posted on Lyvon’s website and at the same time on the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) website.. In just a week the song reached more than 4,000 viewings in Youtube.

Picasso’s Horse

«Picasso’ s Horse» (Caballo de Picasso) was composed with Ángel Padilla, in protest against the bullfights. The images of the lyrics of the song refer to the series of 33 engravings by the Spanish painter Francisco de Goya, published in 1816 called La Tauromaquia.

The song  was composed exclusively for the Theater Project «La Guadaña Entre las Flores» (

the scythe among the flowers), which was premiered on March 8, 2008 at the Raval theater in Gandia (Spain).

The play addressed, through scenes of great poetic content, the life of the so-called fighting bull, from his stay of four years in the pasture until the moment in which the man leads him through deception to the ring. Work performed by the Act and Play Theater Academy and directed by the actress and theater director Laura Moise.

The video of the song can be seen on Youtube in Spanish and translated into English.

Bullfighter’s Rock

«Bullfighter’s Rock» is published on July 12, 2008 in protest against bullfights.

Lyvon uses his characteristic satirical and sarcastic humor to remind society that bullfighting is subsidized with tax money. With a letter «politically incorrect» tries to move the deaf lament of the bull dying in the ring to the blunt and catchy. The chorus includes “Dirty bullfighter, fucking scavenger, get your sword into the hole”

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