After a Long Time I’m Here Again

Hi all!!!!. I’m glad to see you again. It’s been a while since I was here. Maybe you would like to know what happened and why I have been disconnected from music for so long. Well, I just needed to rest, organize my mind and find myself. I’ve had some difficult years in which, like everyone else in his/ her own life, I had to find a way to dig deep and stay on my feet to keep going. And here I am again giving war for all those who want to share with me the desire to listen to good music and fight for a better world. It still being hard for me to express my feelings if itsn’t through music, so I thank you for reading these lines and being interested in me.

I tell you that I am making new songs, as they say, what’s bred in the bone will out in the flesh and I’m hooked on the music.

For a long time I thought about definitively leaving music, since I have spent many happy and funny moments with it, but also very bad and sad ones. I’ve met very good, very inspiring and with lots of inner light people, but I also had the misfortune to meet people with a lot of hatred and evil in their hearts. In some moments I thought it was the end and that I couldn’t get back on stage or recording again, but obviously I could not leave the music aside, since it’s all my life. I hope to meet again all those people who brought me light and happiness and I hope to make you vibrate with my music again. I hope to see you all again and feel enlightened with the light of all those people who brought happiness to my life. See you soon!

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