Apotheosic concert of Lyvon at the Fnac of Valencia

Apotheosis is the word that defines the concert of yesterday, in the World Animal Day, Lyvon from Madrid offered us in FNAC in Valencia. The place was full to the brim.

Lyvon dazzled the audience interpreting her songs and some covers from classical bands, including one of Toto.

We could hear thundering (there is no other way to define how that sounded) ‘Picasso’s Horse’, whose beauty and strength shrunk our hearts; ‘Cry Britches’, whose melody filled the entire FNAC enclosure with magic and sad darkness; ‘Juan Lado Cagón’, a song with which Lyvon involved the audience by humming the choirs; and finally, ‘Bullfighter’s Rock’, perhaps the summit of the concert, a song that enchanted the audience that patted and hummed his chorus as if they had known it for a lifetime.

Between songs, Lyvon talked to people, with the strength and joy that many Madrid people have, the meaning of each song. I can tell you that I have attended many concerts at the FNAC and I have never experienced such a palpable communion between audience and artist, the sympathy that Lyvon shows every second. She demolished the myth of the distant artist, with his naturalness and sympathy. She knows she’s free and make us feel like. The unanimous opinion of the public (all the people I spoke with said it) was that yesterday we were lucky enough to attend a show of art, freedom and defense of life with capital letters. That it wasn’t just a music concert, it was an enriching, transformative and invigorating experience.

Sisters and brothers, that is ART and she is an ARTIST, capable of hitting us like a waterfall of cold water, like a horse of fire that runs through our bodies; after living it makes you feel transformed, or, at least (a difficult thing today), ‘thinking’.

Original Article from Laregion.es newspaper

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