Bullfighter’s Rock: A brutal critique of bullfighting

Lyvon, known in the world of music as the composer of the song «Juan Lado Cagón» (Juan Lado Chicken) for which she ended up in court, and mainly for her animal incursions in her lyrics, attacks, this time, the world of bullfighting with a blunt rock of conflicting lyrics whose chorus says «dirty bullfighter, fucking scavenger, put your sword into your hole.»

With this song, Lyvon protests, against bullfighting, according to her own words «more than 70% of the population claim to have no interest in bullfighting,» and claims «to completely revoke this ethically and morally backward «celebration» which denigrates us as citizens in respect to the rest of Europe, that educates our children in an environment of cruelty and indifference to animals and that reduce our status as advanced and respectful people, both with the environment and with animals. » She asked to the politics «to listen to the major part of the citizens of this country and to the voices of other foreign citizens who speak out against this barbarism.»

The video of the song, a parody of the bullfighter world, in which she has included the images of the latest protests of animal rights activists such as Equanimal and Animal Equality, who have jumped into various bullrings in Madrid, Alicante and Barcelona (Spain), calling for the abolition of bullfighting, is completed with a catchy rock of controversial and very critical lyrics.

Lyvon, who has begun to be compared with the Ska-Punk group, Ska-P, for its non-conformist lyrics, was denounced for creating a critical song with the Galician’s dog abuser Juan Lado and has obtained more than 100,000 visits in the video of his song “Llora Britches”, dedicated to the Animal Liberation Front.

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