Lyvon is acquitted for calling the Aguiño’s dog’s abuser «crap»

After the media fuss organized a few weeks ago, she have been acquitted.

Lyvon, sued by Juan Lado Palmier for calling him «cagón» (chick) in a song that criticized his behavior in the beating of a dog, has come unscathed from the trial for «intrusion in honor and image.»

Lyvon has released a statement on its website in which she thanks the «more than 4,000 people who have made a unified support, forgetting economic, political, nationalist prejudices, etc …» and who have supported them » one hundred by one hundred». She doesn’t want «crowns or laurels» She says she will continue «creating protest music, while pointing out the murderer wherever it is», not enough, she says they do not want to «look for crowns or laurels». She also says that «the complainant did not appear for trial presumably for fear of encountering violent animalists.» Thus, she claims for the union of the defenders of the animals in an allegation that shows some photos of badly injured or dead specimens. She points to Ronnie, the dog that died after the beating, which is he who really «deserves our compliments» for becoming a «true hero.» The song «Juan Lado Cagón» became in 2006 a whole anthem against animal abuse. Several media outlets disseminated the bloody images, recorded by Federico Real, a local veterinarian, in June 2004, in which he beat his dog to death. A fine of 6,000 euros was imposed.

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