Lyvon, who called the Aguiño’s dog abuser ‘cagón’ (Chick) will face a judgement

The song «Juan Lado Cagón» became in 2006 a whole anthem against animal abuse, and now, more than a year later, it’s new again because it has reached the courts.

Juan Lado Palmier, neighbor of Aguiño (Ribeira, Spain), has denounced Lyvon who wrote the lyrics and music to the dog who was beaten to death by this man, Ronnie.

«Of course I would compose the song again» «He has no forgiveness,» said Lyvon, at, ensuring that ‘it doesn’t matter’ that Lado has denounced me because ‘I would do it again’.

«Moreover, I´ll do it if there is any situation of this kind. Spain is a shame, a country of antagonisms, where bullfights are considerated art.»

Palmier jumped into the media when several media spread some bloody images, recorded by Federico Real, a local veterinarian, in June 2004, in which he beats his dog to death. In 2004 in Spain this was considered an administrative offense, so a 6,000 euros fine was imposed.

«I also felt offended» said Lyvon who, Three months later, the composed «Juan Lado Cagón» (Juan Lado Chicken, wuss), a fierce criticism against this and other aggressions; and a demand was dropped.

Next Wednesday, day 16, at 12:10 pm, Lyvon will face the judge of Riberira to be denounced for «interference in the honor and image» of the abuser.

«This trial is absurd and I’m very angry» «If I have undermined his honor, I’m sorry but I have also felt offended.»

«Cagón means a coward» and I do not think that is an insult. «The video-complaint of Lyvon has been around 49,000 visits since it was uploaded, and up to 100,000 has achieved its new creation, Llora Brtiches (cry Britches) , dedicated to a monkey that has been meat for experiments in an American laboratory. «I feel involved in the fight against animal abuse,» justifies Lyvon, who has the support of several associations.

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