The Absurdity of the Society in Which we Live

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The destruction of planet earth at the hands of our selfishness and excessive self-interest is already a fact.

The degradation of the ecosystem, the creation of cities, with its huge concrete and asphalt blocks, with its hypocritical fight against pollution that will never work, is a lie from head to toe.

«The destruction of planet earth at the hands of our selfishness and excessive self-interest is already a fact.»

The human being, believing to have conquered everything, has tied the chains of his own destruction.

We have enslaved and tortured millions of animals, creating concentration camps to satiate the undue appetite of the first world that, insatiable in its own gluttony, consumes 80% of the planet’s resources, while the rest 80% of people in the planet survives with a wretched 20% remaining. The use of animals for our own egomania, using them to have fun, to create fashion from the use of their skins that we do not need, or to compensate our lack of self-esteem by buying pets that we abandon later, when we get tired has overcome all the schemes that a human being with a minimum of ethics can consider tolerable.

We have set in horrible wars, where millions of people, including children, have died in the most distressing ways just to quench the hunger for money of those who watched this massacres through their secretaries and ministers. A dark world created by political, religious and economic interests where millions of people who died were only part of the damage in their bank account numbers while they were assessing whether or not it compensated them economically.

Governments, with the help of religions, al lof them puppets of the most powerful lobbies have created absurd and useless laws so that no one can own their time, imposing ridiculous working hours, to concern citizens on how to survive with minimal salaries and don’t allow them to have free time to demand their right to a decent life, far from exploitative chains.

These same governments, arrange everything so that no one can live away from their paws. No one, other than them, believe to possess the ground on which we stand, and no one can build a home without paying the obligatory tribute to the greatest thief that ever lived, which is the state. No one can supply himself with clean energy, nor plant their own crops if it is not with the approval of that immense thief, against payment.

The streets, decorated with a disturbing and gray asphalt, offer us an artificial life, away from any chink of a natural world, riddled with consumer goods that are completely worthless and that bring us nothing but a false and ephemeral happiness, encouraged by the world of the image that increasingly determines us. Everything on how you must be is in that world of pixelated colors: your perfect body measurements, the color your clothes will be next spring, the way you should behave and exhibit your body to others.

«Printed in each image thet you watch on TV, posted in each story that you read in your favorite social network, is the next chain that will tie you up to ensure that you don’t move in the opposite direction to the standard rules. «

If you are one of those few people who dares to saw off even a small piece of that chain, you will be vilified and an immediate object of mockery for the vast majority, an educated and perfectly instructed mass to point out everything that comes out a millimeter of the imposed line, first laughing and making fun of you and then condemning you to ostracism, if you dare to  compromise the imposed standards.

All these absurd things established in this society, in this immense world have to stop or will mean our end.

Politicians are not going to change the system. This is simply one more trick to mishandle people who become to believe that the mere and simple act of putting a piece of paper in an urn will change their lives in some aspect, creating the illusion that they are who decide the direction of their lives and the life of the community that surrounds them. THIS IS A LIE: you will not change the world with paper. You are going to change the world with your actions, with your money and your investments because that is how the lobbies that drive our governments are supported. If you do not spend your money on them, they simply can’t survive. The less money you spend, the less time you will have to spend to earn it, and the more free you will be.

«Politicians are not going to change the system. »

Freedom is gained by avoiding buying their absurd blatantly consumerist and materialist things,  which are so many that sometimes we don’t even realize.

Remember, we have destroyed the land, our home, leaving it in the hands of governments and their masters who are the lobbies that only care about how much their current accounts will grow next year. It is time that we regain our freedom and return the right to common people.

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